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About us

About us 1

Well Done - foremost an association of people who are passionate about one goal: to inspire people to lead a healthy lifestyle.

For this purpose we created Well Done. High quality materials, fresh designs, and reasonable price of Well Done tableware are the foundation on which we dream of building a large community of people who are inspired by the idea of enjoying life in a healthy way.


Vision | What we want to be?

Ambassadors of healthy lifestyle that pushing the idea of healthy hedonism

Mission | How we plan to get there?

Creating the prodycts that are easy to use and that prompt to active and healthy lifestyle

Values | What we belive in?

Freedom    Honesty

Intellect      Humour

Every day is a new opportunity to create something unusual! Take care of yourself and your loved ones, see the beauty around, cook and eat tasty and healthy. We believe these things can be easily combined.

We do not change you or your habits, we do not limit your imagination or food. Our goal is to make everyday life interesting and culinary adventures bright.

Functional cookware can be affordable and convenient. And also bright, practical and stylish.
To keep your everyday life simple and your everyday activities enjoyable.
Inspired by a healthy lifestyle, we work to ensure that you have everything Well Done!

About us 2