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French Press WD-8016B

SKU: WD-8016B
Volume: 600 ml
Inside: Heat resistant glass
Body material: Stainless Steel
Guarantee: 12 months

Cleaning French press:

  1. Remove the glass bulb from the stainless steel/plastic body by holding it with your hand on the body, and with your other hand twist and pull the glass bulb upward until it slides out.
  2. The main parts that need to be cleaned:
  • plunger assembly

  • glass flask

  • stainless steel/plastic body

  1. Wash all parts with warm water and a non-abrasive detergent. Avoid cleaning the stainless steel/plastic case with brushes or steel wool, as this will cause scratches.
  2. Replacing the strainer:
  • Unscrew the handle on the top of the cover.

  • Remove the cover and unscrew the small metal fastener located above the stainless steel spring filter.

  • Carefully remove the stainless steel spring filter and strainers from the stem, avoiding contact with the sharp edges of the filters.